Decorating Your House In Your Own Style

As we all know, in recent times, the living standard of the people is becoming more and more high, and we gradually focus our attention on the living environment of our house, so that is why home decoration or home improvement become more and more important. Before your family plan to move into a new house, the very thing you should do first is to decorate it. Maybe some of the mansion have already been decorated, but the details of the house will be handled all by you. And if you want to have your own styled house, there are many more things to do.

timely-timelesscFirst of all, I think you will not be satisfied with the wall, maybe the color or the style of the wallpaper. Anyway, the wall decoration is a kind of big project. And after finish that, there are more wall decors waiting to be put up onto the walls. They will definitely make your house look full and warm.

c5012237146902454f492eabac79cab3Then, you will have to respectively decorate every rooms, like living room, dinging areas, kitchen and bathroom. You will think of the layout of the furniture or the style and design. Different furniture will give a different feeling of vision. So that’s quite important to choose the right and appropriate style of the furniture to fit for your house.

cheap-home-decor-101Then, you will have to respectively decorate every rooms, like living room, dinging areas, kitchen and bathroom. You will think of the layout of the furniture or the style and design. Different furniture will give a different feeling of vision. So that’s quite important to choose the right and appropriate style of the furniture to fit for your house.

New Nursery Wall Decals Shop

A few days ago I came across an online shop which is who is just selling vinyl wall art decals. I think most of you have already heard of this kind of interior wall decor, but I bet you do not know all about them. So today I would love to tell you some information about this brilliant, innovative and affordable emerging wall decor.


I bought nursery wall decal from this great online shop and it is a family tree wall decal. The tree is very tall and large with so many branches and light green leaves. Also there are some leaves falling off the tree. I put it on the wall of the living room so that it may bring some freshness and vitality to our interior house. But don’t you know that this kind of wall decal is also removable? If you change your mind, you may definitely remove it from your wall and put it on anywhere else. It will surely leave no sticky residues on the surface.


And talking about the installment, it is also quite simple and convenient. You will first get an instruction and after reading it, you will fully know which part will be pasted in which place. Then you just peel off the back paper of each part of the decal and then put them onto the right place. That’s it! It is also something DIY which you may use your brains to add something new or innovative.

fdfdfdfWhat’s more, after finishing the installment, I took into a further consideration and add something. I guess you may know what I have also on the wall with the decal. And yes, I have also put some photos on the branches of the tree on the wall. The photos are all about our families, our family photos, the photos of my son and daughter, my husband and I, and also the photos of our life. I think it is very meaningful and sweet to show our beautiful and warm photos on the wall of our living room. And the green tree can also stand for the strong happiness and beautiful life we just spend together. They made our families closer. And it is also a good show of our family member and family life.

contemporary-decalsSo today I write up this post to highly and proudly recommend this lovely, affordable and cool wall decor to you. And you will surely know how excellent it is and it will bring to you if you choose some to add to your own space.

Hotel Decor And Design

5The primitive hotel decor and design merely is about to beautify the interior and exterior of the built-up hotel. But now, the hotel decor and design was endowed a new meaning. It is to compete the customer market in same area, same level and to investigate the changed customer market, the competitor and to look forward to predict the customer market in a given period in this area. According to the research results, they shift the customer resource, analyze the customer market and lock to the target customer to meet the customers’ physiology and mentality, too find out all the functional disadvantages of the hotel and to perfect, to make up. It makes the hotel more compete with the others in the same area to enhance the core competitiveness.

Now, we are going to look at a four star hotel. The first part is the lobby. It will be the first look of the hotel. It also gives the customer first impression. In interior design of the hotel, we are supposed to give the customer a feeling as if stay at home. In the streamline design part, we are supposed to make sure that the customer could see the reception desk and elevator hall.

4The scale of the hall depends on the amount of the hotel rooms and other public spaces. Second part is the reception desk, some reception desks of the hotel are island-style, but not the traditional style. The merit of pushing out the service counter is more friendly and more considerate. Usually the length of the service counter is about 15 meters since there are almost 400 guest room. It is very comfortable to use.

The third one is elevator hall and elevator equipment. The elevator hall should be built beside the entrance or somewhere easy to find. We should install the elevator in the same position of the guest room. It is better to apply it in the center of the corridor. The forth is the storey of the guest room, We are supposed to avoid the feeling of long and narrow. So, we can add local lighting and decoration to deal with. Then it cames to the guest room. Different hotel have their own different standard size of the room. And there must be have central air-conditioning, background music system and 18-hour foreign exchange service.

These are the base of the four star hotel. We can decor and design the hotel according to many aspects, especially the theme of the hotel.

How To Select The Carpet For Your Room

More and more people begin to apply carpet in their house for it can not only beautify your interior but also make it comfortable to step or sit on. While, with the constantly improvement of the market, there is a large variety of carpet available now. So today I would love to talk about the advantages, disadvantages as well as the price of different kinds of carpet.

2First let’s come to woolen carpets. This kind of carpet feels good with the bright color and solid texture. Woolen carpets are excellent in anti-static electricity and not easy to age and fade in color. However, woolen carpets are not good at insect prevention and bad in moisture. These carpets are usually in a high price so high-grade residences often apply them.

4Then we talk about blended carpets. They are a kind of woolen carpets but mixed with a proportion of chemical fiber. Blended carpets are similar with woolen ones in the aspects of texture, decorative pattern and hand feeling. While, superior to woolen carpets, blended carpets overcome the shortcoming of not being wearproof and insect resisting. Also, they can absorb sound, keep warm as well as have a good feet feeling. They are so affordable that a lot of people who has economic decorated house prefer blended carpets.

5What’s more, synthetic fiber carpets are also one of the most widely seen carpets in recent years. The appearance and the hand feeling of the synthetic fiber carpets are similar with woolen carpets. The quality of them is light. They maintain a great durability and are stretch-proof and dilapidation-proof. Nevertheless, they are easy to have static electricity and to burn. The price is quite low and synthetic fiber carpets are often applied in the corridor, stairs and living rooms where people walk more.

1The last we talk about plastic carpets. This kind of carpets is soft, bright-colored, and durable. You do not need to worry about the moist, worms and mildew. They can be jointed at will according to the areas. While, the appearance of the plastic carpets is not as good as other carpets. And the texture is comparatively thin and hard. They more intend to go aging influenced by the climate. The price is very cheap and many frequently walked areas use plastic carpets such as corridors or washrooms.

I think all the interior decoration should be selected according to the decoration style of your house. And this kind of stuff is also be selected on the basis of the quality and texture. Under that circumstances, we will consider about the appearance of them. Do you have a lot at your house to put your carpet? If so or if you are going to have one, you may share with us what you think or plan. We are happy to see the great photos of your carpets. Thank you very much for reading!

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